Jagr : Design

The Millman Collection

Hand forged by skilled blacksmiths, JAGR Design metalwork represents the archetype of bespoke design. Casting or stamping of component parts is more common and less costly, but forging results in a work of greater integrity — both structurally and in the visible connection between artist and work — where every strike of the hammer is visible on the surface of the steel. Where most new furniture is spray finished when cool, JAGR metalwork is finished with wax applied by hand to the heated metal, allowing the finish material to be absorbed by the porous steel body. Like our furniture and upholstery shops, our smithy is local; one-on-one collaboration with each artisan is an essential element in everything that we do.

JAGR : Design :: The Rittenhouse, Suite 310 :: 210 W. Rittenhouse Square :: Philadelphia, PA 19103 :: 215.735.6930